Friday, October 12, 2012

Litter #1-All Grown Up and Out of the House!

Well, all the babies are gone to their new homes! 

Thank You to all who came to get my babies, 
and I hope they fit in well with your families!

I plan on breeding Bruto and Belleza again so that I have one 
more litter before the end of the year, and soon so they are not 
too small when it starts snowing heavily here.

Thanks to all the people who look at my blog, I know I don't do much 
with it, but really it's my Youtube videos that tell all you would need 
to know about us. I haven't done any recently because my camera 
broke, but I do plan on getting a new one soon.

That's all for now!

~Marlayna B.


  1. Marlayna -

    Just wanted to give you an update and a shout! Lola (or Miss Lola Buns) as I call her, is adjusting well to her new home. She and Pepe are having such fun playing together and they've even started snuggling! She is such a beautiful bunny, and has such a great personality. Thank you so much, again! Colin and I love her!

    Elizabeth Dagger

  2. Elizabeth,

    That is awesome that she is liking her new home and new family! I am glad everything is working out, I was a bit worried when you came to pick her up and she and Pepe weren't getting along, but from the pictures you sent I am sure they will make great friends!

    -Marlayna B