Monday, April 16, 2012

Rabbits have arrived!

Finally, after 2 months of waiting, I have rabbits! I am super excited! Their names are Belleza and Bruto, and I will tell you the story of their names in another post. Of course they had other names before, but I like the ones I picked out better. Their breed is called Silver Marten, and apparently they were developed by crossing the Standard Chinchilla with the Tan, and were not recognized as a breed by the ARBA until the 1920s. Belleza, the doe, is Black, and Bruto, the buck, is Blue. There are four recognized varieties of the Silver Marten breed, and the other two include Chocolate and Sable. I decided on this breed because of their multiple purposes, including being popular as pets, showing, and being good for meat purposes. When I purchased them they also came with pedigrees, which increased their value and the value of any offspring I will get from them. I love them already, and love looking at them too. Thanks for reading!

Marlayna B

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