Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Litter # 1 Is Here!

My rabbit dreams are coming true! Yesterday, June 26, 2012, my first litter was born! 

Five blind, bald, but beautiful babies! 
They were born on the 31st day after mating, which is the average gestation period. I did not see her giving birth or making her nest, which is kind of a bummer, but it was probably for the best. While they are in labor you should not disturb them, just let them do their own thing. Kindling is what it is called for rabbits, and it usually happens between 28 and 35 days after mating, with 31 days being the average.

 New born kits can fit in the palm of your hand, are hairless, and blind. Their eyes open on the 10th day after birth. When they are 14 days old you should remove the nest box (if your nest box is removable) to prevent diseases from developing in the box. Kits are weaned at 8 weeks and can then be separated from their mother. Gender cannot be determined until they are 8 weeks old, and you should separate the males from the females at that point. Coloring can sometimes be determined at birth, but the two colors I have are so similar I really won't know until their fur grows in.
My whole purpose for getting rabbits was to breed and sell, so I will not be keeping any of the babies. But I will enjoy them while they are with me. 
Here is a video I put together showing how I found them and just how cute they are!

Belleza did such a good job at taking care of them, she is a great mother!

Bruto didn't do much of anything, but he is the father, so...
That's all for now.

-Marlayna B


  1. Your are doing an awesome job with your rabbits. I like your video and how you explained about the kits. I had no idea that they were called that. :-)